Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday 9/13/16

Intervention periods: Students with more than 6 unexcused events and that have been suspended will not be allowed to attend the homecoming dance,the float or in the homecoming court. If students feel this is not correct, the ONLY period they can see is 5th PERIOD and with a hall pass! You can send all complaints to Hudson, Tech Bldg!
Students, express yourself and show off your skills by participating in the PTA Reflections Contest. This year’s theme is What Is Your Story?… Interpret the theme in your choice of art form and be recognized locally, statewide, even nationally!!!! Pick up information and entry forms from Mrs. Wilhoit in E1.
Seniors: We still need more candy for homecoming. Please bring bags to Mrs. Thomas or Mrs. Barnett.
Any student interested in being a part of the Quick Recall team should plan to stay after school on Wednesday, September 14th. We will meet in room 308 from 2:30-3:00.
STUDENTS YOU NEED TO KNOW: If you arrive at school by bus, TARC, car, or walking, you must IMMEDIATELY enter the school. Once you arrive on campus you are not allowed to leave the premises. If you do, this is considered a cut, and you're subject to additional disciplinary measures.
STUDENTS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Any student SUSPENDED from school OR accumulates more than 6 unexcused absences throughout a school year will not be allowed to attend Homecoming Activities, Junior Ring Dance or Senior Prom and activities.

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