Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday 1/24/17

*** ATTENTION SENIORS*** JCPS will be hosting 3 Community FAFSA Workshops the first one is Tuesday, January 31 5:30pm­7:30pm Americana World Community Center 4801 Southside Dr.
Balfour will be at school Thursday, January 26th to take orders for rings, cap and gown, and announcements. $50 deposit for rings. $50 for a cap and gown.
STUDENTS YOU NEED TO KNOW: If you arrive at school by bus, TARC, car, or walking, you must IMMEDIATELY enter the school. Once you arrive on campus you are not allowed to leave the premises. If you do, this is considered a cut, and you're subject to additional disciplinary measures.
STUDENTS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Any student SUSPENDED from school OR accumulates more than 6 unexcused absences throughout a school year will not be allowed to attend Homecoming Activities, Junior Ring Dance or Senior Prom and activities.
*** ATTENTION SENIORS*** If you are applying to a college or university, you MUST submit your transcript through the parchment.com website. An account must be created in order to submit transcripts and ACT scores.
Come record your Valentine Day Shoutout in the cafeteria lobby. Look for the portable green screen on January 24th, 25th, 26th, and February 1st and 2nd. Choose your background and record your sweetheart message for only $3.00. Messages will be played all day on Valentines Day!
Congrats to the RedHots for winning the 6th Region in both Hip Hop and Pom. The team qualified for state on Feb18. Members are:Jazzlin, Ariel, Suzannah, Katie, Abby, Lily, Mikayla, Mikayla, RayAnn,Hannah,Elizabeth,Kayleigh,Tessa,Kate,Sandi.

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